Asempa Publishers

Christ Meets the Ewe-Dome of Ghana

Author: Dr. Rebecca Yawa Ganusah
Genre: LTSS
ISBN-13: 9964-78-405-8

This study by an African woman theologian with the title Christ Meets the Ewe-Dome of Ghana is an important study filling out the fullness of African Theology, in a number of ways.

First, in an age conscious of Gender perspective, it is important that an African woman should write a contribution that articulates African womanhood in the light of theology. Second, such studies as have been done have hardly surfaced the study of the importance of Ewe-group spreading through several countries in West Africa. The author from the Department for the Study of Religions, one of the centres of excellence in theology in Africa publishes the volume in the African Theological Studies series which was conceived and established with much inspiration and contribution from the World Council of Churches' Programme on Ecumenical Theological Education. Thus its publication also in its own way continues what W. C. C. has stood for, since it established itself as the High Priest of Contextualization.

This is an important study to be taken on board by students of theology who are learning that the fullness of theology includes more than the artefacts of Europe and America.


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