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Author: Grace Budu-Smith | Philip Kwesi Incoom | Emmanuel Oppong | Mercy Kwafua | Ebenezer Gbanaglo | Dina Esi Mantey | Judith Sakara | Sarah A. M. Badoo | Ernestina Nkulenu | Adelaide Boye
Genre: Educational
ISBN-10: 9964-78-496-1

This book is a successful blend of the knowledge and skills required for the Home Economics, Pre-Technical Skills, and Visual Arts options of the Basic Design and Technology syllabus at the B.E.C.E. level.
Design issues cut across all these three technological disciplines which are aimed at the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Designed to be reader friendly, with a multiplicity of illustrations, sketches, activities and self-assessment exercises, the young learner is adequately equipped to go through the course with ease.
Furthermore, the language is user friendly and has been deliberately kept at the level of the young learner so they will not struggle with thoughts and concepts outside their reach, thanks to a well set-out glossary at the end.
Every chapter is introduced with a line-up of objectives for which they are treated. The learner is therefore guided to look out for the essentials of these particular topics, concepts or values which have been dealt with so that by the end of the chapter, he or she would have grasped these essentials.
This book is therefore recommended for every pupil who seeks to effectively assimilate the contents of the syllabus and pass his examinations with ease.
To make sure that a standard book is put into the hands of the prospective student, in selecting authors, the publishers have deliberately brought together a core of experts (not less than 10 writers), to deal with their various areas of distinction. All the participating authors are either currently working with the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCR) previously known as Curriculum Research and Development Division (CRDD), of the Ministry of Education, Ghana or have previously worked with them or are practically on the field teaching these subjects in their various areas of expertise.


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