Asempa Publishers

Coping With Single Parenting

Author: Alberta Ollennu | Fenella Avokey
ISBN-13: 9964-78-264-0

The Coping With publications are designed to help women cope with identified difficult situations they may find themselves in. This book, the second in the series, focuses on the woman who finds herself faced with the task of raising children all by herself. The single parent is challenged with all the immense responsibilities of mothering and fathering, upbringing, providing sustenance, guidance, leadership, discipline etc. How does one person cope with all these challenges without breaking down under the strain and stress of the heavy load? Coping with Single Parenting outlines the causes and effects of single parenthood and deals at length with the coping mechanisms, notably support from other members of the society. Suitable for single parents and persons raised by single parents as well as family life counsellors.


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