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Why Do We Marry? And Who Is The Head Of The Home?

Author: Samuel V. A. Kisseadoo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-297-7

In Why do we Marry? the author attempts to explain the importance of marriage as the highest institution of God on earth for man. Outside the commonly accepted reasons - domestic help, companionship, sexual satisfaction, childbirth etc. the author enumerates 15 reasons which he believes if considered carefully will contribute immensely to make marriage what God intended it to be.
In Who is the Head of the Home? the author tries to discuss the issue of leadership in the home. Who takes up the mantle of leadership in the family? Head, submission, love- what do these mean in the context of family? Establishing the need for a leader in every group to avert a chaotic situation, the author goes on to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the husband and wife providing the reader with much food for thought.


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