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AD 2000 and After

Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-204-7

Agenda Extraordinaire: 80 years of the Christian Council of Ghana

Author: James Anquandah
ISBN-13: 9964-78-420-1

Celebrating the Jubilee of the WCC

Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-248-9

Christian Social Ethics

Author: J.N. Kudadjie | R.K. Aboagye-Mensah
ISBN-13: 9964-78-303-5

Faith for Our Times

Author: Samuel V. A. Kisseadoo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-332-9

Jesus in African Culture

Know Your Faith

Author: C.D. Maire
ISBN-13: 9964-78-253-5

Kwaebirentuw Ase Yesu

ISBN-13: 9964-78-045-1

Kwame Nkrumah and the Church in Ghana

Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-168-7

Love Unlimited

Author: Festo Kivengere
ISBN-13: 9964-78-048-6

Ministerial Formation for Mission Today

Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-214-4

Ministering to Childless Couples

Mission in Ghana: The Ecumenical Heritage

Author: David N. A. Kpobi
ISBN-13: 9964-78-415-5

No More Appeals for Money? (2nd Edition)

Author: Joe W. DeGraft Johnson Riverson

Overcoming Your Trials and Suffering

Author: Samuel V. A. Kisseadoo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-387-6

Prayerfulness - The Bent Knee

Author: Nii Nmai Ollenu
ISBN-13: 9964-78-266-7

Preaching as Communication

ISBN-13: 9964-78-174-1

Sabbath or Christ

Author: S. K. Baah
ISBN-13: 9964-78-253-5

Spirit Renewal and Ministry

Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-218-7

Steps to Christian Maturity

Author: Marc K Lantaame
ISBN-13: 9964-78-199-7

Steps to Victorious Christian Living

Author: E.W.A. Sackeyfio
ISBN-13: 9964-78-267-5

Streams of Life

Author: Jacob S. A. Stephens

The Climate of Prayer

Author: Samuel V. A. Kisseadoo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-300-0

The Hand Of God

The Holy Spirit (Asempa Christian Doctrine Series: 3)

Author: Livingstone K. Buama

The Messiah is Coming Again

Author: Ebenezer Yaw Blasu
ISBN-13: 9964-78-268-3

The Person of Jesus (Asempa Christian Doctrine Series: 2)

The Quiet Time

Author: Edem M. A. Tette
ISBN-13: 9964-78-197-0

The Rise of Independent Churches in Ghana

Author: Asempa Publishers
ISBN-13: 9964-78-182-2

The Spirit-Controlled Life

Author: Clement I. Iyaluegbeghe
ISBN-13: 9964-78-256-X

The Trinity (Asempa Christian Doctrine Series: 4)

Author: Livingstone K. Buama

Theological Education

Author: T.E.E.
ISBN-13: 9964-78-219-5

Theological Education By Extention in Africa

Theological Education in Africa: Quo Vadimus?

Editor: John S. Pobee | Joshua N. Kudadjie
ISBN-13: 9964-78-171-7

Triple Heritage - Facts and Figures about the Presbyterian Church of Ghana

Author: David N. A. Kpobi
ISBN-13: 9964-78-234-9


Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-139-3

What Church Members Should Know

With Jesus at Golgotha

Author: John S. Pobee
ISBN-13: 9964-78-249-7


A Match against Juju

Author: James Ebo Whyte
ISBN-13: 9964-78-391-4

ABC Poetry

Author: Gladys Osae Addo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-282-9

Alesi's Dress

Author: Dorcas M. Avinyia
ISBN-13: 9964-78-161-X

Amu the African

Author: Fred Agyeman | Phanuel Nyaku
ISBN-13: 9964-78-230-6

Ananse and the Giant Cricket

Author: Agnes Akosua Philips

Busy Body

Author: Peggy Appiah
ISBN-13: 9964-78-217-9

Chickilena's Adventure

Author: Akwasi Abankwa Addo
ISBN-13: 9964 -78 -288-8

Children's Stories

ISBN-13: 9964-78-395-7

Kojo at Home

Author: Agnes Akosua Philips
ISBN-13: 9964-78-193-8

Learning is Pleasure

Author: Norman Bannerman
ISBN-13: 9964-78-243-8

Siime's Handkerchief

Author: Edreda Tuwangye
ISBN-13: 9964-78-205-5

The Boy Who Killed the Giant

ISBN-13: 9964-78-260-8

The Dancing Joromi

Author: James Ebo Whyte
ISBN-13: 9964-78-390-6

The Hidden Script

ISBN-13: 9964-78-159-8

The Kingdom of the Lion

Author: Fedilis Abaare
ISBN-13: 9964-78-305-1

The Prize Winner

Author: Agnes Akosua Philips

The Rubbish Heap & The Deserted Village

ISBN-13: 9964-78-229-2

Watchword Stories for Teens' Success

Author: Odofokai Ababio
ISBN-13: 9964-78-365-5


Crossroads at Ankobea

Author: Kojo Yankah
ISBN-13: 9964-78-259-9

Hotowu kple Womeno (Ewe)

Author: Kofi Nyaku
ISBN-13: 9964-78-074-5

In Search of Vengeance

Author: Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie
ISBN-13: 9964-78-269-1

Jesus of the Deep Forest

Author: Afua Kuma
ISBN-13: 9964-78-065-6

Murder in the Interest of the Church

Author: Denis M'Passou
ISBN-13: 9964-78-163-9

The Cross and the Beast of the South

Author: Adu Otutei
ISBN-13: 9964-78-185-7

The Man Who Died

Author: Kobena Eyi Acquah
ISBN-13: 9964-78-065-6


Africa Sings (Words/Music)

ISBN-13: 9964-78-057-5

Asempa Hymns (Words)

Author: Asempa Publishers
ISBN-13: 9964-78-039-7

Ghana Praise (Music/Revised Edition)

Author: Asempa Publishers
ISBN-13: 9964-78-188-1

Music for a Dream Dance


Akan Proverbs

Author: Emmanuel K. A. Asante
ISBN-13: 9964-78-279-9

Big Men, Small Boys and Politics in Ghana

Author: Paul Nugent
ISBN-13: 9964-78-239-X


Author: Esther Ofei-Aboagye | Florence Abena Dolphyne
ISBN-13: 9964-78-280-2

Coping With Sexual Abuse and Teenage Pregnancy (English and Twi)

Author: Joana Nerquaye-Tetteh
ISBN-13: 964-78-233-0

Coping With Single Parenting

Author: Alberta Ollennu | Fenella Avokey
ISBN-13: 9964-78-264-0

Coping With Violence against Women

Author: Sheila Minkah-Premo
ISBN-13: 9964-8-283-5

Ethical Dilemmas & Moral Temptations

ISBN-13: 9964-78-255-1

Ethics in Business and Public Administration

ISBN-13: 9964-78-227-6

How to Pass Your Exams

Author: E. Y. Egblewogbe
ISBN-13: 9964-78-210-1

Introduction to Catering (JHS 1-3)

Author: Others

Introduction to Pre-Technical Skill (JHS 1-3)

Author: Philip Kwesi Incoom | Emmanuel Oppong

Introduction to Pre-Technical Skill (JHS 1-3)

Introduction to Sewing (JHS 1-3)

Author: Grace Budu-Smith | Others

Kofi Mensah and the Law: 1

Author: Enoch D. Kom
ISBN-13: 9964-78-213-6

Moral Renewal in Ghana

Author: Joshua N. Kudadjie
ISBN-13: 9964-78-232-2

Religion and Politics

ISBN-13: 9964-78-179-2

Some Common Diseases of Women

Author: Stan K. Kplomedo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-211-X

Task Force

Author: Emmanuel Dugbenoo | Others
ISBN-13: 9964-78-067-2

Task Force

ISBN-13: 9964-78-067-2

Ten Keys for Success and Prosperity

Author: Samuel V. A. Kisseadoo
ISBN-13: 9964-78-399-X

Values, Standards and Practices in Ghanaian Organisational Life

ISBN-13: 9964-78-247-0

Young and Restless

Author: Lawrence Darmani
ISBN-13: 9964-78-250-0