Asempa Publishers

Our Unique Services

Asempa Week
The Asempa Week is a platform for us to interact directly with our valued consumers (churches, schools, individuals, etc.) to gain first hand feedback on our various titles and services. This forum also affords our patrons the opportunity to procure directly from us.

Asempa Hymns
Asempa Hymns, the complete modern Christian hymnal is the preferred choice of today's churches. It has been for decades now. Indeed, more and more congregations are using it for their English services. We are previleged to serve so many churches with this wonderful tool of worship.

The Asempa Diary
Our comprehensive Asempa Diary is a relevant and credible source of information for our users. The important dates page comes in very handy for many users and the lectionary serves as a preaching plan for a number of churches.

Light for Our Path
Without doubt, the IBRA Light for Our Path has made a tremendous contribution to the life of the church, notwithstanding the emergence new devotionals. Over the years, countless people have been blessed by the matchless insights that they have gained from Light for Our Path. And it continues to bless lives even today.

Should you have any questions about any of our services at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.